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"Even after 12 weeks the postoperative bra is my most favourite one," says 38-year old Jane.

Beautiful and full breasts are the pride of many women. Unfortunately, the appearance of décolletage is often subject to changes caused by motherhood, gravity and various other factors, which come with increasing age. With growing age, breasts lose their fullness and shape. However, thanks to plastic surgery you can be proud of your décolletage after your thirties.

For Jane, who has been working in the field of plastic surgery for several years the decision to undergo surgery was as hard as for any other woman. At the same time she followed the instructions on preoperative and postoperative care to a maximum degree so that the outcome of the procedure looked according to her ideas.

She knew that the final result does not depend only on the surgical procedure itself, but also on a correct compression bra. Wrong choice of bra can significantly affect the final results of augmentation and cause breast asymmetry.

After the procedure, Jane wore a post-operative bra, LIPOELASTIC, so we asked her how did she feel about the compression underwear.

Jane, you´ve had surgery already 12 weeks ago, so how do you feel?

I'm very happy. Even though it was quite challenging; the wounds have been healing for a longer time because I had breast augmentation done, too, but my breasts are beautiful now and perfectly proportionate to my body.

Can you tell us, what was the main reason for deciding to undergo augmentation?

I had very saggy breasts, but really very much so. When I looked in the mirror at myself, it was always a horrible sight for me and I thought that it´s not possible for me to be afraid to look at myself at my age.

You work in the field of plastic surgery. Did somehow your profession influence your decision to undergo augmentation?

I wouldn't say that. I considered surgery as far back as five years ago, when my breasts were already partially sagging and small. But back then, the situation has not yet been so critical. My parents talked me out of it, disagreed with the insertion of implants into the body. And I so I postponed my decision for some time. Since then, of course, the condition has deteriorated significantly, and when I started to turn away from the mirror because I was embarrassed, I though that enough is enough and began to resolve the situation.

I'm sure you also knew something of post-operative care thanks to your work Did you put emphasis on the selection of a post-operative bra?

Yes, of course. I think that as regards any operation, post operative care is very important, and the desired result of the operation depends on it. I did not even consider any other brand than LIPOELASTIC. I know the brand, I´ve been following it for several years thanks to my work in the same field. I know that the manufacturer has high standards of quality, which, of course, was the most important point for me. Breast augmentation is not a cheap issue, so investing in a high-quality bra, whose functionality I can trust, is the least I can do.

What kind of bra did you wear immediately after the procedure?

Immediately after the surgery I wore PI special. But I have to admit that I wear it still and I'm 12 weeks after surgery. It is really very comfortable, both the cotton material, as well as the practical zip fastening in the front. I felt really cossetted wearing it.

Did you change this bra during the recovery period?

Yes, I did. In total I had three bras. Two were the same, PI special to be worn immediately after the operation, which was very practical. I could conveniently change and wash them whenever it was necessary. And after six weeks I started to wear the third one. I chose a pink PI unique. Although it is a little bit less compressing, it still gives me a sense of security. In addition, despite it being a post-operative model, it has a nice design.

Did the plastic surgeon also recommend you a breast compression belt?

Yes, he wanted me to wear the belt for 6 weeks after the surgery, so that my implants stabilise in the body in the right place.

How did you feel when you had to take off your bra after the surgery?

I remember that after the operation, I was looking forward to putting it on again after having a shower.After all, it was a shock for me when I first left my breasts “undressed”. Wearing the bra I always felt very comfortable, and most importantly, I had the feeling that my breasts are safe and in the "right place".

How long was it before you came back to work?

I returned to work after about 5 days after the procedure. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to work from home, so return to work was not complicated in any way. Otherwise, I'd wait a couple more days.



What would you advise patients that are getting ready for the surgery?

To be sufficiently informed about the procedure and its possible complications. As well as the surgeon who will perform the procedure. About post-operative care and everything that goes with it. And also to share your concerns with patients, who have already undergone the procedure. 

One thing that you would definitely do the same.

I'm sure I would leave the first week just for myself to relax. Anesthesia is exhausting and after operation one has some pain in any case. Really you need to create a relaxing base and take it easy for a while.

And one thing that you would on the contrary avoid the next time round.

One week after the surgery I thought that I was healthy and that I could do anything, like before. But it wasn't the case. After greater exertion I was always in a little more pain around the wounds, sometimes I even had a little stab of pain in the breasts. It was as if my body was telling me "it's not over yet, I need more time."  Fortunately, I always listened to my body and after greater exertion I relaxed. When I look at it with hindsight, my return was unnecessarily fast. I could have taken it easy for another week, and I probably wouldn´t have felt any pain at all. So the next time, apart from one week of complete rest, I would have taken one more week for a more gradual return to everyday activities.

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