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Complete Guide to Fat Transfer Surgery: Benefits & Procedure.
4 minutes
As the name suggests, fat transfer surgery, or fat grafting, involves harvesting fat from one body area and injecting it into another. It is increasingly popular, and the attractive proposition of...
Liposuction Facts: Top Procedure Insights & Myths
5 minutes
World's top procedure According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries and has steadily increased in popularity...
Mr. Aftab Siddiqui has given us his insight into a Mummy Makeover
4 minutes
A mummy makeover is a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to repair the visible effects of childbirth on a woman’s body. These procedures help women look and feel like their pre-baby selves...
What is Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty (FDL Tummy Tuck). Read Anna’s story.
8 minutes
Fleur De Lis surgery (FDL) is a type of abdominoplasty used in cases where it is necessary to remove excess skin in both vertical and horizontal directions, unlike traditional tummy tuck, where a...
MLD and compression garments in post-operative care
4 minutes
This time we got together with Natalja Adrejeva, a London-based MLD therapist, and had a lovely chat about all things MLD. Do you want to know what exactly it is and why it is an important part of a...
5 tips how to choose the best compression garments
3 minutes
Are you planning to have plastic surgery? Did you know that wearing compression is a key part of post-operative care? Choosing the right compression garment can help to achieve the final results and...
Dr. Leonardo Fasano about compression garments
5 minutes
If you are considering having liposuction, there is one thing that I mention during every consultation with a new patient. Wearing the garments during the recovery process is as important as the...
Looking for post-operative compression garment with variable fastening? Choose VARIANT
3 minutes
100 people 100 likings. That’s why LIPOELASTIC® offers over 80 styles of compression garments with 3 different types of fastening. Who is the fastening with hooks and eyes suitable for and...
LIPOELASTIC garments: Which closure should I choose?
3 minutes
There are three fastening options on LIPOELASTIC compression garments. We would like to introduce them to you, in order to make the process of finding the right one easier for you : Comfort We...
LIPOELASTIC® compression leggings for women
2 minutes
Are LIPOELASTIC® post-operative legging suitable as a post-operative compression garment? LIPOELASTIC® has been an expert in the compression garment field for over 17 years and thus our...
Materials UNIQUE are very advanced
1 minute
When LIPOELASTIC introduced the materials UNIQUE few years ago, they have become well established in plastic surgeries and the references by professional workplaces suggest that the UNIQUE...
The experience of the man who underwent gynecomastia surgery
4 minutes
Enlargement of breast tissue, also known as gynecomastia, is a hormonal imbalance affecting more and more men. Surgical removal became a common plastic surgery. Peter (32) has a personal experience...
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