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Lipoedema Awareness

Have you heard about Lipoedema condition?

Lipoedema is a chronic and progressive disorder of the adipose (fat) tissue. It is sometimes called a painful fat syndrome. As high, as 11% of the post-puberty female population are likely to suffer from Lipoedema. This means that everyone knows someone with Lipoedema.

with these?

‘I can’t seem to lose weight
on my legs and bum no matter
what I do’

‘I can’t find clothes to wear
– I am different size on the
top and bottom.’

‘My family tells me I have
a grandmother’s legs’

Lipedema Treatment Guide
– Kathleen Lisson, CMT, CLT
Lipoedema awareness video by LIPOELASTIC

We would like to thank Karen Windsor for co-ordinating this video.

Cast ♥

With exclusive participation
of Dr. Amron
Beth Rylaarsdam
Eva Stanley-Jones
Gina Jackson
Ioana Chira
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