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Compression garments for LIPOEDEMA patients

Do you suffer from lipoedema? Do you plan a suction-assisted lipectomy? LIPOELASTIC® in cooperation with German's and UK lipoedema experts have developed a special compression garment to help with the symptoms and pain of LIPOEDEMA and to aid recovery following Liposuction to the affected areas.

Our TBf Variant garment, ensures optimum comfort for Lipoedema patients and reduces downtime, following surgery; assisting with the forming of body contours, whilst reducing pain and bruising.

These specially designed compression pants are also suitable for patients who have undergone liposuction due to lymphatic problems in the lower limbs. The big advantage is not just their modified cut, which takes into account various different parameters, but also the specially modified hems at the top and base of the legs. Thanks to this strategically designed compression, the garment prevents unnecessary pressure on the ankle and is a very comfortable companion not only during the postoperative phase, but for is also perfect for layering and everyday wear.

Compression garments by LIPOELASTIC® have many benefits:

  • Reduce pain, swelling and minimize bruising
  • Moisture control
  • Hypoallergenic fabric – certified by Oeko-Tex
  • Textile label – always to the exterior of the garments – to prevent skin irritation
  • LIPOELASTIC® compression pants were developed and successfully tested by renowned experts in the field of lipoedema in Germany

We also do Bespoke and MADE TO MEASURE lipoedema compression garments; for further information and to place an order, please, contact your surgeon.

Facts about LIPOEDEMA

Symptoms of lipoedema

  • Is an incurable, chronically progressive accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue
  • Is a little known about topic and commonly misdiagnosed as obesity - around 11 % of women suffer from this

Affected areas of the body may:

  • feel soft, "doughy" and cold
  • bruise easily
  • ache or feel painful or tender
  • have small broken veins under the skin

The treatments are described as

  • Lymphatic drainage and bandaging, followed by wearing compression pants
  • Lymphatic-sparing gentle water-jet assisted liposuction followed by wearing compression pants
  • Compression prevents recurrence of lipoedema and reduces the pain

Certificates of quality assurance


This guarantees the absence of harmful substances in our garments, which are tested annually by the Trial Institute Hohenstein in Germany. This certificate is a guarantee of the quality and safety of our products. All garments are Latex-free.

ISO 13485:2016

LIPOELASTIC products are manufactured in a production facility which meets quality management requirements for ISO 13485.

CE – Declaration of conformity

LIPOELASTIC® products meet the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and the Government Regulation No. 336/2004 as amended. The LIPOELASTIC® products are authorized to use the CE mark.

CLASSIC material

CLASSIC material is our main material used for most products in LIPOEALSTIC® collection. Its patented and clinically tested technology has been proven by specialists for more than 15 years. Thanks to its fibre, CLASSIC material has stable and precise compression which is generally considered as the most important parameter for compression bandages. We use elastic microfiber that wicks the moisture away from the skin and ensures pleasant cooling effect. During the recovery period after surgery the body naturally heats up, so the cool feeling is very pleasant for patients. Material CLASSIC is durable and resistant to regular wear and tear throughout the daily use. It’s also very soft to touch and provides you with a comfortable feeling every day after your surgery.

SECOND SKIN material

We decided to add a new SECOND SKIN material to our portfolio due to its perfect features. This material is primarily intended for the Shapewear collection but it is also suitable for compression garments. Due to its natural stretch, it follows the muscles and movements in every direction, which gives you a feeling of a “second skin“. The main benefits are high resistance and high breathability, and the structure of the material offers an ultra-fast drying effect so you can feel dry almost immediately, which provides comfort while sweating.

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