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Manage Lipoedema: Nutrition & Exercise Essentials’
4 minutes
Lipoedema is a chronic condition that significantly impacts individuals' quality of life, causing pain, swelling, and restricted mobility. Effective management of Lipoedema is crucial for...
3 minutes
Xanthia, who suffers from Lipoedema, openly shares her experience growing up with this disease, her diagnosis, and advice for other women on the same journey. Want to learn more about Lipoedema and...
Lipoedema Leggings: Compression Guide.
3 minutes
Living with Lipoedema can be full of challenges, but a simple tool can help you manage the symptoms daily: our compression leggings.     Compression garments are considered an affordable,...
Understanding Lipoedema, download your FREE Lipoedema E-Book
1 minute
Lipoedema is a chronic condition characterised by abnormal fat accumulation, typically in the legs and buttocks. It predominantly affects women, and estimates suggest that approximately 11% of women...
Compression Leggings: A New (and Easy) Step in Your Health Routine
2 minutes
As we enter a new year, many of us enthusiastically embrace resolutions to adopt healthier lifestyles. What if we told you that an essential element of your new health routine could be right in your...
Lipoedema Journey from Misdiagnosis to Diagnosis and Treatment
8 minutes
Lipoedema is a chronic condition characterised by abnormal fat accumulation in the legs, hips, buttocks, and sometimes arms. It affects an estimated 11% of women. Yet, despite its prevalence,...
The importance of flat-knit and circular-knit for oedema
2 minutes
  Circular-knitted garments are produced seamlessly and spirally, while flat-knitted compression garments have a suture and can exert a high flat pressure on the leg using robust materials. In...
How to diagnose Lipoedema: Sharie Fetzer, Chair of Lipoedema UK
5 minutes
Millions of women of all ages suffer from a condition called Lipoedema. Sadly, the majority of them don’t know about it. Sharie Fetzer has decided to change that. Sharie is Chair of Lipoedema...
Understanding compression class II  - interview with Cara Cruz (@palegingerpear)
1 minute
Cara, who suffers from Lympho-Lipoedema conditions, opens up about her experience with compression therapy. In the following video, Cara explains her struggle to find the right size on compression...
Living with LIPOEDEMA – exclusive Interview with @curvygirlbeth
5 minutes
We met with Beth in January 2020 to introduce her to the LIPOELASTIC unique bespoke service as we previously discussed her struggle to find compression garments that fit her body shape. On this...
Lipoedema – symptoms and diagnosis: How can I know that I have lipoedema?
4 minutes
Lipoedema is a chronic disorder that causes an abnormal build-up of fat deposits most frequently on the legs and arms, but also in the area of the buttocks and hips. The disease only affects women and...
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