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What are post-surgery
compression bras?

LIPOELASTIC® post-surgery compression bras are designed for postoperative treatment
following operation of the breast surgery as a augmentation, breast reduction or mastopexy.

Why the selection of the right
compression bra during the
reconvalescence is absolutely crucial?

Compression therapy follows to the augmentation. Selection of the right compression bra during this period is absolutely crucial.

Sport bras which are sold on the market are not designed for compression treatment are completely unsuitable and, in fact, may cause some health complications to the patient, including breast asymmetry.

Why you should use post-surgery compression bra?

Augmentation is very popular among women all over the world. It is the most frequently carried out intervention in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery. In spite of that, many women do not know that the end result is not only in the hands of the surgeon. Post-operative care is just as important. In fact, the final shape of your breasts is determined by the right implant fixation.

A great number of women do not realize that they cannot show their new décolletage in a swimsuit or simply walk around without a bra immediately after the surgery. The truth is that for 4 - 8 weeks after the surgery (depending on the recommendation of the surgeon) the breasts are fixed in a compression bra 24/7 including at nights. The compression garments, used after augmentation, are designed so that the implants are set in the ideal position, thus achieving the most natural result.

Never underestimate the importance of choosing the right garment, which in this case is the bra. All LIPOELASTIC® bras have been clinically tested and comply with the strict criteria which applies to compression therapy.

What does compression therapy ensure?

2 steps for the perfect augmentation result

LIPOELASTIC offers two step programme to their patients undergoing the healing process for the perfect result and stabilisation of the implants. These bras mutually complement one another and will lead the patient safely through the treatment process.

Breasts are swollen and bruised immediately after augmentation surgery. However, the swelling and pain gradually will subside in several days. For this specific period is recommended bra PI special, PI extra, PI active or PI ideal. All of these bras are suitable for the first stage in compression therapy after the surgery.

After approximately two weeks, patients come for the first post-surgery consultation. This time stitches are removed and it is at that point that the patient enters the second follow-up care phase, which lasts for about 4 - 6 weeks. For this second stage of the postoperative care we recommend PI unique bra

PI unique can be used also after the whole postoperative care. How?

  • Ideal addition to your wardrobe for sports activities after surgery
  • It is suitable for normal wear and after full healing

Still not sure about compression bra?

LIPOELASTIC® bras demonstrate the highest standard of medical device in the care of a patient. More importantly, their synergic effect provides patients with maximum comfort during the post-surgery process; a more efficient convalescence; and a speedy return to every-day activities.

Certificates of quality assurance


This guarantees the absence of harmful substances in our garments, which are tested annually by the Trial Institute Hohenstein in Germany. This certificate is a guarantee of the quality and safety of our products. All garments are Latex-free.

ISO 13485:2016

LIPOELASTIC products are manufactured in a production facility which meets quality management requirements for ISO 13485.

CE – Declaration of conformity

LIPOELASTIC® products meet the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and the Government Regulation No. 336/2004 as amended. The LIPOELASTIC® products are authorized to use the CE mark.

Types of fastening


Zippers are underlain with a row of hooks and eyes closure for easy fastening in the days immediately following the procedure.


3-positional hook and eye closure, enables adjustment of bandage size after swelling subsides. Possibility to adjust compression enhances healing

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