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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy“) describes the way of collecting, using and subsequent dealing with personal data collected in particular via website (hereinafter referred to as the “website“).

Personal data controller:
LIPOELASTIC LTD. Unit 12&13, 8 Hornsey Street, London, N7 8EG, GREAT BRITAIN Registration No: 105 094 09
VAT: GB: 265175492

Contact details of personal data controller:
Delivery address: Unit 12&13, 8 Hornsey Street, London, N7 8EG, GREAT BRITAIN Telephone number: 020 3897 0726
Contact email:

Personal data protection is very important to us. Please acquaint with the Policy which contains important information regarding the usage of your personal data, related rights and obligations.


1.1.    What governs our relationship when dealing with personal data
Dealing with personal data is governed by the Data Protection Act 2018. The Act controls how your personal information is used by organisations, and businesses and it is the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1.2.    Information we collect
Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Personal Data is particularly (but not exclusively):

  • Identification data, such as the name and surname, the identification number, VAT identification number, date of birth, sex, username of an account; image of an individual;
  • Contact details, such as the address of residence (or address for service), phone number, email address;
  • Other information, such as information collected via cookies, IP address (network identifier) including the type of web browser, the device and operating system, duration and number of accesses to the website and corresponding information;
  • Sensitive data, such as information concerning medical condition.


2.1.    How we collect your personal data
You provide us with your personal data particularly by completing your purchase order (or by filling a contact form), eventually within registration, via email communication or via social networks. Please inform us if there is any change in your personal data.
Some personal data can be collected and saved via cookies during visit on the website. You can read more about cookies in the Article 5 of the Policy.

2.2.    On which basis and for which purposes we process your personal data

  • We can collect and process personal data inserted when you are inquiring (particularly by filling a contact form) or ordering goods or services without your explicit consent solely for the purpose of performance of the contract, which means in order to deliver the goods. We can further process the data in order to comply with our other obligations imposed by the law (particularly record-keeping obligations, archiving of invoices etc.) and for purpose of protection of our legal claims.
  • We can collect and process information provided within registration without your explicit consent solely for the purpose of permit access, administration and management of a user account.
  • We are entitled to use your email address without your explicit consent for the purpose of sending commercial communications regarding our goods or services similar to those you ordered. You can refuse sending these commercial communications at any time.
  • After your consent via confirmation on the website, we can process your personal data inserted when ordering goods or within registration in order to send the commercial communications and direct marketing, eventually for additional reasons to which you have explicitly consented. If you are 16 years old or younger, prior consent of your legal representative is needed. We are allowed to request confirmation of your age.
  • We can process personal data that we have been given during job interview (especially from your CV or cover letter) in order to decide the selection process (whether we enter into contract). If you provide us with your sensitive data during the selection process, we preclude your consent with their processing. We only process your sensitive data in order to decide the selection process. These data shall not be misused by discriminatory means. With your prior consent, we shall process your data even after the selection process in order to contact you when other selection process occurs in the future.
  • If you voluntarily provide us with your sensitive data (especially data concerning your medical condition) during mutual correspondence via the website, email or via other communication networks, we preclude your consent with processing of such data. We shall only process such data in order to process our communication (especially for answering your questions).
  • If you provide us with your consent, we can process your data (in particular identification data and images of you that can contain information about your medical condition) for the purpose of publishing or spreading you identification data and  images for commercial purposes (in particular by publishing or spreading them on the website, social networks and commercial materials) or for other purposes you expressed your consent with.
  • We process personal data collected via cookies on the basis of your consent (which you give us in applicable Settings of your Internet browser). If you will further use the website after you have been reminded of processing the personal data, we are entitled to process these personal data. We use data collected via cookies for the purpose of user support, improving our services including analysis of user's behaviour and marketing.

We will ask for your consent before using data for a purpose other than those that are set out above.

2.3.    For how long we use the data
We use the personal data insert by ordering goods or within registration on the website, solely for the time necessary to fulfil the contract and obligations imposed by the law, respectively for protection of our legal claims.
If you give us explicit consent to process personal data or if we use your e-mail address for commercial communications and/or controlling and improving our services and products according to the previous paragraph, the data will be used for the time our website, on which we offer goods or services similar to those you ordered, is functioning.
If you provide us, in accordance with the previous article, with your consent to process your sensitive data during our mutual communication, such data shall be processed for the duration of the communication (especially for answering your question).
Personal data obtained during the selection process shall only be used for duration of the selection process unless we agree otherwise. If we agree otherwise, the data shall be processes for the duration of our business activities.

2.4.    When we do not process your personal data
You can fill and send the form on the website in order to obtain discount from the purchase price. In this case, it is necessary to insert information concerning your medical condition. This information is anonymous, and we cannot connect this information with particular person.


3.1.    Right to withdraw consent
If we process your personal data solely based on your consent (i.e. without any other legal purpose), you can decide to withdraw your consent at any time.
The withdrawal of consent to processing personal data is possible at any time:

  • by sending an email to contact email address;
  • by calling to our phone number;
  • in writing by letter sent to our delivery address;
  • in case of commercial communications – in a way which is indicated in every email containing commercial communications (by clicking on deregistering link or by another way).

Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of personal data processing done before the withdrawal.

3.2.    Right of access by the data subject
You have the right to be informed about processing of your data and eventually to access your personal data, in particular to get these following information:

  • purpose of processing;
  • category of processed personal data;
  • recipient or category of recipients to whom will be the personal data accessible;
  • time for which will be the personal data saved.

We will provide you with the copy of your personal data at your request. We may request a reasonable compensation not exceeding necessary costs for providing the information about processing of your personal data.

3.3.    Right to rectification
You have the right to request an imminent rectification of your incorrect or inaccurate data, e.g. rectification of incorrect data or/and complement of inaccurate data.

3.4.    Right to object to processing
You have the right to object to processing of your processed personal data at any time, if we process these data for the purpose of direct marketing including any automatic process of your personal data. After the objection, we will stop processing your personal data for these purposes.

3.5.    Right to erasure (“right to be forgotten“)
You have the right to request the erasure of your personal data if:

  • the personal data are no long needed for purposes for which the data was collected or processed;
  • you decided to withdraw the consent with processing;
  • you objected to processing of the personal data;
  • the personal data were processed illegally.

If there are no legal reasons for the refusal of erasure, we must comply with your request.

3.6.    Right to restriction of processing
You have the right to request the restriction of processing of your personal data if:

  • the accuracy of the data is contested;
  • the processing is illegal, and you request the restriction of personal data instead of erasure;
  • we no longer need your personal data for the purpose of processing, but you request these data for determining, execution or protection of your legal rights;
  • you object to processing.

When the processing is restricted, we are only entitled to save your personal data; further processing is possible solely with your consent or for legal purposes.
If the processing of personal data is restricted for reason of your objection to processing, the restriction lasts for the time necessary to find, whether we are obliged to uphold the objection.
If the processing of personal data is restricted for reason of accuracy contestation of your personal data, the restriction lasts for the time of verification of the data accuracy.

3.7.    Right to data portability
You have the right to collect the personal data you have provided us with, in the structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and to transmit these data to another personal data controller.

3.8.    How can you exercise your rights
You can exercise your rights in relation with personal data via our contact details. You will be provided with all the information and actions without undue delay.


4.1.    Who processes your personal data
We are the controller of the personal data in the meaning of the Regulation.
When necessary for performance a contract or to comply our obligations, we can transfer your personal data to another subject, for example to carriers and persons involved in the performance of the contract or in compliance with our obligations. We can delegate also other processors and recipients of personal data. At your request, we will inform you about concrete processor of your data. Your personal data will not be transmitted to a state outside the European Union, unless it is necessary for performance of the contract or when necessary for another reason which is in compliance with rules of such transfer which are imposed by Regulation.
Your personal data are processed by:

  •, s.r.o.;
  • Google LLC;
  • Facebook Inc.;
  • Microsoft;
  • s.r.o.;
  • The Rocket Science Group, LLC;
  • City Sprint LTD;
  • Parcelforce Limited;
  • Royal Mail Plc;
  • DHL Parcel UK limited;
  • Hightower IT LTD.;
  • DHL Express Limited;
  • FedEx;
  • Zoho Limited;
  • Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd.;
  • Barclays Bank UK PLC;

4.2.    How we process personal data
Personal and other collected data are highly protected against any misuse. Personal data will be processed electronically in an automated manner or printed in a non-automated manner.


The Privacy Policy is valid and effective as of  24. 5. 2018.



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