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“After I had my augmentation I found PI ideal the best fit. The quality of the bra helped me to feel comfortable and recover faster.”

Alena Hradilova

CEO and founder

“Even though I haven´t had a breast surgery, the PI unique compression br ais a great fit for me. It is strong enough to provide maximum comfort during exercise.”

Jitka Kneblova

Online Marketing Specialist – Junior

„I had augmentation done three years ago. I have been using the PI unique bra for all sport activities (fitness, jogging, cycling) for two years. The bra fits perfectly, stabilizes the implants and is comfortable.

I have two of them: one black and one pink. I definitely love the pink one.”

Michaela Stromsikova

Logistics & Customer Support

Feedback from doctors

„I have many years´ experience with LIPOELASTIC compression garments. When I say that wearing postoperative garments is necessary part of postoperative care, it is not an exaggeration.“

MUDr. Roman Kufa
Perfect Clinic, Czech Republic

“The LIPOELASTIC post-operative garments are a very important part of the entire process, starting with the surgery and ending with successful healing. To provide the highest level of comfort, I recommend combining two pieces of post-operative garments that can be easily changed. Clients thus receive a continuous feeling of good compression and stabilisation of tissues.”

MUDr. Petr Pachman
Medicom Clinic, Czech Republic

“High-quality liposuction treatment from a plastic surgeon, observance of post-operative instructions and wearing LIPOELASTIC compression garments in the post-operative period guarantees the best result. High-quality compression garments, such as LIPOELASTIC, are a natural and essential part of post-operative care.”

MUDr. Pavel Horyna
Medicom Clinic, Czech Republic

“Wearing compression post-operative bras after breast augmentation has become a standard procedure in the past few years. The post-operative bra stabilises the breast implants in the required symmetrical position, prevents their dislocation into an undesirable position, and also prevents swelling and post-operative hematomas. I recommend wearing them for 4 or 5 weeks. Patients get quickly used to wearing the bra, which are pleasant to wear.”

MUDr. Peter Ondrejka
Medicom Clinic, Czech Republic

Patient testimonials

Jane, 38-year old

“Even after 12 weeks the postoperative bra is my most favourite one.”

Catherine, 31-year old

“I discovered a LIPOELASTIC bra that has a lower décolletage, and is thus easier to combine with casual clothes. I think I will keep this lingerie even when there will be no need to wear it:) ”

Cristinne, 36-year old

“ PI ideal bra is made of a very pleasant material, ensures a super compression and a sense of security throughout the entire day.”

Marketa, 28-year old

“I became very fond of them. For daily wear I had PI special, it is made of cotton, so it is very comfortable, moreover with sufficient compression. When I put it on for example to meet my girlfriends for an afternoon in the city, it was not visible under my top and nobody could tell.

I wear PI ideal mostly for sleeping or when the other bra is being washed. I like the variable fastening of this model. The strength of its compression may thus be adjusted according to the gradual cessation of swelling. I keep sleeping in PI ideal, even though I am already 2 months after the procedure - I feel safe in it. ”

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