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How to measure and choose the right size of LIPOELASTIC® post-operative bra? 


  • To select the right size of your bra, please measure yourself properly with measuring tape.
  • Measure the circumference under the breast, where the band of the bra usually sits.
  • Measure the breast circumference at the fullest part.
  • Note both numbers down.
  • Look up a bra at our e-shop and follow the size chart to get the right size.

Here are some useful tips for the right measurements

1. TIP – Measure yourself without underwear.
2. TIP – Stand upright and make sure your measuring tape is horizontal with the ground.
3. TIP - During measuring, do not tighten the measuring tape: it must touch your body properly but must not be too tight or too loose.

Or watch our video: 

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