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How to get the perfect result of the liposuction?



The result of plastic surgery is influenced by proper post-operative care.

For this reason, LIPOELASTIC has developed a two-step programme for the perfect result
Patients who followed the two-step therapy during the recovery period have
confirmed that their return to normal life was very fast and the results have been perfect.






1. step after liposuction

The garments that we recommend to wear immediately after the procedure are made of the CLASSIC material that contains nanoparticles of silver. Thanks to the silver particles, the healing process is accelerated and the growth of bacteria and odor are eliminated. The garment is available with three types of closure. We recommend wearing the garments from CLASSIC material for 3 weeks after the procedure.





2. step after liposuction

Following the first step, we recommend that you wear the UNIQUE garments. The specially perforated 3D material, which touches the skin only in some spots thanks to its structure, is a great advantage of these garments. When you move, the garment massages the skin, which promotes blood supply, wicks away moisture and speeds up the healing process. That is why we called this series of garments UNIQUE. As the swelling starts to go down, you will also appreciate the option of adjusting the compression thanks to the three rows of hooks. Keep in mind that proper compression improves the result of plastic surgery. We recommend that you wear the garments from UNIQUE collection for 5 weeks after the first stage.

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