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Abdominoplasty after delivery, Livia, 38

Do you find yourself amongst the mothers who feel that motherhood has left a mark on them? Would you like to regain the body you had once before your pregnancy?

Livia is a mother of three beautiful children and is a passionate sportswoman. After childbirth her abs disappeared, and she felt ashamed of her figure. For these reasons, she recently underwent a tummy tuck. Read the interview below about Livia’s journey who is now fully enjoying her graceful new curves.



What was the main reason for you to have undergone a tummy tuck procedure?

There were several factors that contributed to my decision. I gave birth twice by a caesarean section – one of the two births were twins.

The main reason for undergoing this surgery was health related. I had a large diastasis rectus that I could not repair on my own despite the help of a physiotherapist and special exercises. The second reason for getting this surgery was purely for aesthetic reasons. After giving birth to my twins, I lost almost 18kg and was left with a lot of excess skin on my stomach. I was embarrassed to even put my swimsuit on, I just didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I thought to start exercising, but due to having diastasis it was not safe. That is why I decided to finally go for a consultation to have this procedure done two years after giving birth.


Did the procedure meet your expectations?

Absolutely! But I will be honest, I initially had a lot of doubts and reservations whether I had made the right decision.

During recovery, I couldn’t leave my bed and missed my active lifestyle. But I am very happy now and I love my new body. It was nice to see my stretch marks removed along with the excess skin, which I didn’t expect. I couldn’t believe my luck with the amazing work of Dr.Skala from the OB Care Clinic ( from Czech Republic). The scar around my belly button healed very quickly, as well as the scar along my abdomen fading beautifully and symmetrically. The great thing is that I can now hide the scar below swimsuits and panties.



How important was the selection of your new post-operative garment? Was it a doctor’s recommendation?

It was certainly very important. I recognised the importance of wearing compression garments from reading discussions online and articles on the internet.

This was especially the case considering my diastasis. I did not want to jeopardize the result by choosing the wrong garments.

At the clinic I was given the LIPOELASTIC KP special binder for my stomach. Once I knew my size, I bought a second garment so I could still be supported in compression even if the other one was in the wash.


What piece of clothing did you wear after your surgery? How would you rate it?

As I mentioned earlier, immediately after my surgery, I wore the KP special abdominal binder with the three stripes for two months after the procedure.

Later in my recovery, I wore it whilst exercising and running long distances. To be honest, I did not find the binder to be comfortable for sleeping, but I remained patient as the doctor told me it was necessary for my recovery.

I also bought the VH special Comfort and two pieces of the VH unique Variant – both in black and beige. They were very comfortable. I really liked the fact that the binder was fast drying, it did not make me break a sweat and I felt my stomach was sufficiently protected. I wore the garments daily for 3 months and then for another 6 months while exercising. I honestly cannot imagine not needing compression garments.


How was your post-operative recovery period?

I must admit that I am a bit crazy. Exercise is a very important part of my life, so I went for my first 5km walk 14 days after my surgery.

Over the next few weeks, I gradually increased the distance until I was able to jog comfortably again and run longer distances. I did all of this wearing my compression garments to prevent damage to the operated part of my abdomen. The recovery was smooth and quick.


What advice would you give to mothers considering a tummy tuck?

I have three key pieces of advice that have worked for me. The first and most important thing is to choose the right surgeon – having experience in this particular procedure is crucial.

I began by reading a lot of reviews on the internet and going to multiple consultations. Furthermore, I would advise all women who have already undergone tummy tuck surgery to pay special attention to post-operative care. Please wear your compression garments as recommended by your surgeon, or longer – for best results. Lastly, invest in an effective scar treatment. I bought a silicone-based scar gel to treat my scars, an investment I don’t regret. My scars have healed beautifully.

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