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The Story of ACTIVE leggings

You probably already heard about the ACTIVE leggings and all the benefits they offer. But what is the story behind them? Alena Hradilova, the co-founder of LIPOELASTIC® was on a hunt for compression leggings. Leggings that would reduce the creation of cellulite, relieve swelling and heavy legs, but at the same time would look stylish so she could wear them for sports and everyday wear. (Un)fortunately, Mrs. Hradilova did not find any and decided to develop and launch them herself.



1. Need for compression leggings 

"Like many other women, I try to prevent cellulite. Although I believe that a healthy and active lifestyle is essential to do so, I wanted to try something different, compression leggings.  As I run almost every day, I wanted compression leggings that I could use not only for sports but also to incorporate into my day-to-day routine. I wanted leggings that would not only be effective but also stylish", Alena explains.


ACTIVE leggings support blood circulation during sports and accelerate muscle regeneration.


2. How does compression therapy work

Why does compression therapy work so well in preventing cellulite and relieving swelling and heavy legs? "Compression leggings apply a sufficient amount of pressure to support the flow of the lymphatic system. This can reduce fluid retention, swelling, and cellulite. It can also help remove toxins from the body."


Remember, if you have no experience wearing compression, you might need to get used to it initially. Pressure is the basis of functional compression therapy and must be sufficient.


3. We hear your wishes

"We were the first to launch universal compression ACTIVE leggings, which have met with great success. Many women appreciated the relief from swelling and heavy legs and the optical slimming the leggings provide. There was a high demand for more colour options, which is why we launched their pink version in November and a Navy Blue version in February. Should we do more colours?


ACTIVE leggings proved to be beneficial for Lipoedema patients too. Wearing compression leggings can suppress the initial symptoms. Women suffering from Lipoedema often have larger calves and for this reason, we offer an extended "+" size range to ensure maximum comfort to all our customers.

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Anti-cellulite compression leggings 

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